Philip Ramge: an online scammer who sells fake degrees

No accreditation, no courses, no taxes, no campus, no faculty. Welcome to Philip Ramge's university.

Philip Ramge is an online scammer who sells expensive fake courses through the website, including a hypothetical Master of Arts/Master of Science Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries). Philip Ramge claimed it to be accredited by Middlesex University in England, thus being equivalent to a degree issued by Middlesex University. Too bad Middlesex University didn't know Philip Ramge, and they say they don't know anything about "SAE Online" either — unaccredited in the United Kingdom — which is the organization Philip Ramge sold fake degrees for. Nor do they have anything to do with the fictional online courses. Philip Ramge forced you to send 5500€ immediately to a strange bank account in Germany — without a real receipt, in order to avoid taxes — and then you could join the "program", which was made up of… nothing. Yes, nothing: no faculty, no campus, no books, no useful online material, and not even a curriculum. However, he would tell you that you could earn "credits" through "life experiences", as a replacement for the total lack of material. The whole scheme sounds like a diploma mill, but a real diploma mill is even more serious, because it wouldn't fabricate so many blatant lies, and wouldn't probably be that expensive.

What is more, after 12 months, that is to say just before the hypothetical graduation, in addition to the aforementioned upfront payment of thousands of euros (or dollars, or pounds) Philip Ramge would ask you for money again, otherwise he won't send you the diploma. He sure knows how to extort money.

After leaving SAE, where does Philip Ramge work now? Some people say at the "London film school". Is it true? And does he keep selling fake online degrees?