Mellissa Riddle

Mellissa Riddle, also known as Mellissa Constance Riddle (not to be confused with Melissa Riddle), is a scammer and cyberbully who keeps hitting on men over the Internet, usually on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, looking for money. The ways she tries to trap men are nondescript — the guys are chosen at random, as long as they have money — but her stories are pretty interesting. She also teaches "Muslim culture" online while having abortions, which contradicts Muslim culture.

Example #1: she claims to have been to India to learn Kama Sutra after her marriage because her ex-husband didn't give her enough sex.

Mellissa Riddle studied Kama Sutra in India

[Mellissa Riddle] I educated myself after divorce. Even went to India to learn about Kama sutra as well as Tantra yoga & Ayurvedic

Kama Sutra sculpture in an Indian temple

Bas-relief in stone, 10th century AD. Kama Sutra scene: A man with three women, Temple in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Example #2: then she started to date a…
[Mellissa Riddle] Muslim converted to Buddhism after living with monks at MIT (funny story)

Mellissa Riddle's ex was a monk at MIT

and the sex was not satisfying. By the way, it is very true: funny story. So this is what it is important now: sex. Only if the man is rich though, because Mellissa Riddle claims to own a luxury brand of fashion in Italy.

Mellissa Riddle works for Al Tajir, but doesn't like AlTajir

So she owns a luxury brand of fashion in Italy. That sounds great, but is it true? In fact, at the same time, she also says she works for a company named "Al Tajir" in Dubai and she says her role is chief of staff. But is she the real chief of staff? Or is she just hiding behind a series of self-created, free online biographies with fake credentials? Besides, does she really like to work for this company? According to the following statement, no she doesn't:
[Mellissa Riddle] it's not something I love or plan to do forever.

Mellissa Riddle doesn't like her job

Anyway, it is unclear why a self-styled owner of an Italian luxury brand of fashion should work for a different company in a different country. And what is the name of this Italian luxury brand created by Mellissa Riddle? Is it on the Chamber of Commerce's list in accordance with current Italian legislation? Is she legally allowed to work in Italy as an entrepreneur? Curiously, she won't answer these simple questions, so we will have to answer them ourselves at the end of this page.

Mellissa Riddle, Milan and Como
Mellissa Riddle and Al Tajir

Mellissa Riddle's claims about her husband Michael L Martin in Scottsdale, Arizona

Example #3: she claims that her husband Michael Martin liked orgies, which is why she decided to divorce.

Mellissa Riddle's husband: 1st message
Mellissa Riddle's husband: 2nd message

[Mellissa Riddle] He didn't want children yet. But I found out he was sleeping with a man & my assistant. So thankfully we didn't [have kids].

In fact, she didn't have kids because she said she had an abortion, which is why she also hates Trump and his hypothetical attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, the well-known American organization that resells parts of human body on the black market (you can easily find them on the Tor network): «How come this old idiot seems to be questioning the right to shatter living fetuses?» Maybe because even animals protect their babies by natural instinct, instead of throwing them away? Curiously, under the Muslim Penal Code of the United Arab Emirates, there is a general prohibition on the performance of abortion, which is punished with up to five (or seven) years' imprisonment. Therefore, our would-be feminist heroine Mellissa Riddle has and supports abortions while working for a country where abortion is strictly prohibited and severely punished on religious grounds. Are we surprised? No, because the explanation is the same: money.

Mellissa Riddle is pro choice
Mellissa Riddle got pregnant

Is this "Muslim culture"? We doubt it.

Mellissa Riddle bashes Trump on Instagram

In the screenshot: Mellissa Riddle bashes the US president Donald Trump and pro-lifers on Instagram over abortion.

Mellissa Riddle asks herself out

After starting the conversation, she will say that she is talking to you because, although she doesn't know you, she was "invited" — by whom? — and because you asked her out. Before you block her, she will insist: you asked her out. And she will also tell you where and when you must go, even though you don't agree or are not interested:
[Mellissa Riddle] I don’t understand what I have done to garner this response from you.
[Victim] Anyway, good luck
[Mellissa Riddle] You asked me to meet. Sure - I have offered LA, SF, Boston, London, Dubai and given you dates.

Mellissa Riddle gets blocked

END of the conversation: sender blocked.

However, she kept harassing the victim on LinkedIn, by asking for his phone number Blocked again The series of fake accounts that will keep bothering you elsewhere can also be easily blocked too.

A global quest: diary of a gold digger

On the whole, the men she contacts mostly live in Dubai (UAE), London (UK), Los Angeles and San Francisco (California), Boston and Cambridge (Massachusetts: MIT and Harvard), Phoenix (Arizona), Georgia, North Carolina, Indonesia.

"A global quest: diary of a gold digger" can be the title of a new book about Mellissa Riddle. Stay Tuned. For the record, she confesses she is being sued, but she does not care because she is used to it.

Mellissa Riddle is being sued

Although we have uploaded a dozen screenshots — and we could upload many more, but we prefer to avoid a very long and very boring page — Mellissa Riddle will keep saying that "it is not true". Now, if she were lying, we could understand her, but the problem is that she actually believes it is not true, which means that she thinks she never wrote her text messages. In psychodynamic psychology, this dysfunction is known as psychological repression, and operates as a defense mechanism against what is not acceptable anymore to her conscious mind, which would arouse anxiety if recalled. This kind of patient will fail to recognize any irrefutable proof: it could be a series of pictures of her unsolicited messages as in this case, or a DNA test, or whatever.

There is no "fake news" in this page. Talking about "fake news" all over the world and describing a fanciful conspiracy, as Mellissa Riddle does, is a naïve way of projecting her personality disorder onto others. Besides, believing that a person or group seeks to harm her, is a typical symptom of schizophrenia (delusion of persecution). They are real screenshots, taken from real text messages sent through Apple servers — and we could even ask Apple for the server logs. Unfortunately, as we have just seen, Mellissa Riddle's altered perception and low IQ prevents her from recognizing her own spam messages, nor would she be willing to accept a technical report. Since she is always looking for money, should she need money for a good psychiatric treatment, she can count on us: we pity her for pursuing the most ancient profession in the world, and helping out the sick is always important. While some readers suggest trussing her up in a straitjacket, we prefer to help sick people like Mellissa Riddle. Some people also recognized her in a couple of videos on a well-known adult website, engaging in "exciting" activities. However, due to her history of mental illness, we doubt Mellissa Riddle can remember that. Others say her mother should have aborted her — as Mellissa Riddle herself does, thus offending the Muslim religion that she preaches — but we still believe killing sick people such as Mellissa Riddle is not the best solution (on the other hand, Mellissa Riddle's theory — and practice — is that mentally challenged people must be killed through abortion). Although her chronic disorders will never completely go away, taking precautionary measures can definitely reduce long-term damage.

Mellissa Riddle at the hospital

Mellissa Riddle collaborates with an Italian diploma mill, which in turn says she is a "Harvard professor"

The Università popolare di Milano, a well-known — and ridiculous — unaccredited and convicted Italian diploma mill (see its Wikipedia article or download the ruling of the Court), is now saying that Mellissa Riddle's useless and lunatic lawyer is helping them have this website closed because we talked about them and their fake degrees in this article (in Italian). Sadly, this bizarre lawyer is so foolish that he has no idea how to close this website and gets confused pretty easily He is only able to write fake reviews together with Mellissa Riddle — using ludicrous usernames such as I'm going to kill you or You will go to jail soon — on websites belonging to convicted extortionists. Congratulations, an excellent way to "work". On the other hand, we must say he sure knows how to rip her off by exploiting her low IQ: basically, the bottom line is she pays him to keep this page online. They also say that Mellissa Riddle is a professor at Harvard University and is a representative of the diploma mill itself who orchestrated the huge scam. Now, the question is: why is Mellissa Riddle collaborating with a convicted diploma mill? We suggest two options:

Curiously, this is what the same website used by Mellissa Riddle and her so-called "lawyer" says about herself:

this individual claims to be a "social entrepreneur" from Harvard but it is not true. Mellissa Riddle asked me to invest $100,000 in a project that was supposed to help children in Indonesia but after a couple of months I found out that this project never existed and in the meantime she had already disappeared (with the money). On top of that, Harvard University told me that this person has nothing to do with the institution. Basically she is using the name "Harvard University" without authorization just to rip people off and hide her criminal activity. I want my money back!

Interesting, very interesting. Congratulations.