Amanda Bradford and "The league app" ripoff

Amanda Bradford is the founder and CEO of a controversial dating app known as The league, which has been widely criticized for having very few active users and a bizarre moderation system. Other criticisms include elitism and even racism.

Amanda Bradford claims her app to be "exclusive", which is a euphemism for leaving out minorities. «I was sailing the Caribbean Sea while I got a message saying I was not allowed to use The league app anymore because I was Italian», a former member tells us. «I was pretty confused because it was the stupidest email I had ever read in my whole life, but the message was not fake and it's a fact that people like me who have an international career, and belong to hypothetical "minorities" in the moderators' opinion, are not welcome at all in this dating app. Curiously, Amanda Bradford sent me some messages a few weeks later, claiming she wanted to "settle the matter", without saying how though.» From Facebook:
[BEGINNING of the conversation]
Amanda Bradford: Hello, I must speak with you.
Victim: Hello, who are you?
Amanda Bradford: We are not one of those super-giant corporations you can sue. We are a small company.
Victim: Sorry, I don't follow you. Who cares?
Amanda Bradford: We must settle the matter.
Victim: What do you mean? And how?
Amanda Bradford: [no answer]
[END of the conversation]

Basically, if the anonymous moderators — who deceptively introduce themselves as "concierges" — do not deem you elitist enough to stay in the app, they will kick you out without warning — and without saying anything about the personal data constantly taken from your Facebook, LinkedIn and GPS. By the way, it is unclear why the app should use Facebook (with your list of friends), LinkedIn (with your list of connections), and geolocation data even if the service is not active in your city. In fact, The League app only works in very few cities in the world, but can take personal data everywhere from everyone. You find out that the service is not active only after you install the app and give them your data, which looks like a scam.

In the last few months, they added the "option" to skip Facebook or LinkedIn… provided you pay $200 right away without even seeing the content of the app! Is this a scam or an extortion? You decide. It is surprising this stuff is still in the App store; it should be banned instead.

The League dating app: reviews

Amanda Bradford's dating app has received an overwhelming number of negative reviews in the Apple App store, which is why Bradford has written plenty of fake reviews to compensate for the huge number of complaints that she gets. At the moment, the app has an average rating lower than two stars (out of five) and 238 users out of 355 have given 1 star. However, Amanda Bradford is writing her own reviews in order to gain a star.

"The league" app now works in some US cities — San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, Seattle — and London (UK), although every new user must join the fake waitlist anyway. Given that the app doesn't work in the rest of the world, we are surprised that it is still available in the App Store: users from all over America and the world can be deceived too easily.

Amanda Bradford: net worth

Amanda Bradford's net worth is much lower than you might think. Given that The League app has been a failure so far, she decided to change its business model in 2016. The service is now very expensive, but it is still unclear how the app could be monetized.

Amanda Bradford: Instagram contact

Amanda Bradford's Instagram feed is

Amanda Bradford: Facebook contact

Amanda Bradford's Facebook page is

Amanda Bradford: alma mater(s)

Amanda Bradford has two alma maters:

  1. Carnegie Mellon University
  2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Amanda Bradford: age

Age: Amanda Bradford was born in 1984.

Amanda Bradford Wiki

Amanda Bradford does not have a Wikipedia article anymore. She started to write her own résumé, but the page was deleted because the article was not encyclopedic and was considered a ripoff.

Amanda Bradford: bio and "eggs"

Amanda Bradford was born in Fremont, California, and grew up outside of Austin, Texas. Bradford, who is single, has never been married and doesn't have a boyfriend despite using the whole "The league" database just for herself, froze her oocytes (human eggs) publicly. The event was heavily advertised inside The League app, though it had nothing to do with a dating app. A useless and boring PR campaign.

Amanda Bradford, founder and CEO of The League, freezing her eggs